Nov Rally @ Ocean Lakes

Ocean Lakes Sunset

November 1-4

Ocean Lakes Family Campground

6001 S Kings Highway | Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

  • Reservations: Call (877) 510-1413 to reserve your site in HH quickly!
    • Note: If you reserve, then cancel your site, please ask them to release it back to the 2018 Carolinas Airstream group of sites in HH.
    • Rally name: “2018 Carolinas Airstream” | 30 sites reserved
    • Reserve in HH 20-50 upper right on the Map
    • Reservation Note: If all of HH is booked, reserve sites 64-70 in H and you’ll be a short walk across the street!

<– Tell the hosts you’re coming!


  • Sites are released first come first served basis | 50% deposit required on all reservations
  • This is often a sell out rally since attendees will make reservations when they leave the previous year!
  • Rally includes the 2019 Officer Installation ceremony.